1)      How Do I tell if I have a #1 Joint or #2 Joint

A: Look at the Spigot Cap that holds the rod onto any of the brackets.  If Spigot Cap = 800201 then it is a #1 Joint,  If spigot Cap  = 800055 then it is a #2 Joint.


2)      What does mounting height mean?

A: This is in reference to ground clearance- L = Low Mount, H= High Mount, XL = Extra Low, beam mounts under the Axle, XH = Extra High.  Please refer to the beam chart directing how to measure you beam for mounting height.


3)      How do I determine the weight capacity of the suspension on my truck?

A: The spigot caps used to secure the Torque Rods onto the brackets  indicates the weight capacity of the suspension.  800201 cap = 40,000 lb. 800055 = 46K or higher weight capacity.


4)      Which Restrictor Can do I have?

A: Standard Can measure 4 ¼” high and 12 ¾” diameter

A: High Stability Can measure 5” tall and 11 ¾ diameter

To optimize ride quality, see restrictor can chart for recommendations based on your truck application.


5)      Can I repair my beams?

A:  Cracks that are in weld only can be repaired, if cracks are in the steel plates the beam should be replaced. 


6)      My truck rides rough, How can I make it softer? 

A: Changing the restrictor can will change how the truck rides, see restrictor can bulleting for options.


7)      Do I need special tools and presses to re-bush my truck?

A: No Special tools required, Use Tire Soap or Dish Soap and a rubber mallet to pop the bushings into the eye of the Torque Rod.  DO NOT USE OIL OR GREASE.


8)      Are Urethane Bushings better than Rubber: 

A: Beware of “Will FIT” Urethane bushings,  The friction results in structural damage to the Rods or Brackets when these are used.